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مُساهمةموضوع: WHO CREATED ALLAAH   الثلاثاء 23 أكتوبر 2007, 12:36 am

This is a very tricky Question asked usually by atheists and rationalists.


Once a close friend of mine, while beginning a Da'wah discussion with a rationalist in an atheist organisation in Bombay asked, "This is a pencil. How did it come into existence? It has to have a creator. This is a book. How did it come into existence? It has to have a creator." Thus by giving answers to his own questions, he proved that everything has a creator. He then posed the following questions: "If the pencil is created in a factory, who created the factory? The answer is an engineer or some similar person. Who created that engineer? There also has to be a Creator of this engineer. Similarly who created the sun, the moon, the stars, etc.? There has to be a creator for everything". Then he posed the question, "Do you agree that everything has a creator?" The atheist replied, "We will agree only on the condition that you should not back out in future from your own statement that everything has a creator." My friend

was satisfied. He thought he had succeeded in convincing him about God and said, "Yes I will stick to my statement that everything has a creator, but you still have not replied my Question: that who created the human beings, the sun, the moon, the stars, etc." He further helps him with the answer by saying, "It is God Almighty". The atheist replied, "We will believe in God if you tell us who created God." My friend got the biggest shock of his life. He knew he was trapped. He was so disturbed that he did not sleep for the whole night.

Next day, he narrated this incident to me. I realised that he was using the methodology of proving the existence of God advocated by some scholars. In this methodology, a very important rule of logic, i.e. self analysis, is overlooked.

During my talks, while proving the existence of Allah (SWT), I never make any statement saying everything has a creator. I start by asking the atheist, "Who will be the first to know the mechanism of an unknown object?" It is the atheist who replies the creator, the manufacturer, not I. Using his answer that the creator is the first person who knows the mechanism of any object, I further prove to him using scientific knowledge that the creator of the Universe, i.e. Almighty God is the first to know the mechanism of the universe and has mentioned it in his book ‘The Quran’. But if somebody was to pose me the same question that who will be the first to know the mechanism of an unknown object, I will not reply just by saying ‘the creator’ or ‘the Manufacturer’ but I will reply, that every object and all things which have a beginning, the mechanism of all these things will be first known by its creator, since they are all created things. Even after using this answer of mine, we can still scientifically prove that all the signs that we see i.e. the sun, the moon, the

earth, etc. have a beginning.

Now if someone asks me the Question "Who created Allah?" I will reply that once my friend asked me a similar question that his brother Tom was admitted to the hospital and he conceived and gave birth to a baby: guess, is the baby a girl or a boy? It is an absurd statement. Only females can conceive and give birth to a baby. It is impossible for Tom, who is a male, to conceive and give a birth to a child. One of the qualities and characteristics of a male is that he cannot conceive and give birth to a child. Similarly one of the characteristics of Allah is that He is uncreated and does not have a beginning. Therefore asking a question, "Who created the uncreated?" is as absurd as asking, "My brother Tom conceived and gave birth to a child, is the child a girl or a boy?"
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