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مُساهمةموضوع: WHEN YOU ARE LONELY   الإثنين 22 أكتوبر 2007, 6:25 pm

Sometimes when you're lonely
And the night is dark and cold,
And you feel as if you really need a friend...
Even if i'm far away,
Remember i am there,
Thoughts of you are in my heart until the end.
You're never truly lonely
When you have a friend that's true...
Just think of me,just call me,
I'm always there for you!
[color=red]You're never alone,i'm alway's near,
When your troubled,down or blue.
all you have to do is call me,
I'm alway's here for you.
It doesn't matter where i'm at,
It doesn't matter when.
When you need someone to talk to,
I'm here to be your friend.
If you need someone to hold your hand,
Or a hug to say i care.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,
For you i will be there.
So never think you are a burden,
When th weight gets to be to much.
[i][color=red]You might find if you look hard enough,
a good friend could be the right touch.
You're never alone,I'm alway's here,
through the good times and the bad.
I'm alway's here to be your friend,
[color:418e=red:418e]I don't like to see you sad.
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