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مُساهمةموضوع: HAD A DREAM‏   الإثنين 25 فبراير 2008, 12:13 am

A gray-hared, middle-aged, friend of mine was sitting at the evening dinner table yesterday along with his spouse, when she startled him by telling that she'd had a memorable dream the night before.

He was slow to ask what she'd dreamt about. So, she quickly went on to tell him that it had included both of them, without any of his prodding.
"I dreamed that you found a much younger woman, and that you threw me out!" She blurted out impetuously.
Then adding in a sort of a cynical way "Of course in just a few days, you came crawling by, and asked me to come back, tired of her whiny ways!"
"And of course I told you to bite it!" She added forcefully.
He paused a minute before saying "That wasn't very nice of you!"
After a minute, he thoughtfully asked her "How old was she?"
"How old do you want her to be?" She responded nastily.
"Nineteen!" He quickly answered.
"Okay, she was nineteen!" She meekly returned.
He thought about that for a long moment, before asking again "What did she look like?"
Now becoming just a little frustrated with him, and his cavalier attitude, she answered "I wasn't focused on that, I was thinking about my own situation and my own feelings" as she looked intently toward him.
He rolled back in his chair, staring into space and said "Hell if she's nineteen, who cares what she looks like!"
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