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 Two Men on an Island !

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مُساهمةموضوع: Two Men on an Island !   الأحد 24 فبراير 2008, 9:48 pm

Two men crashed in their private plane on a South Pacific Island. Both men survived. One of the men brushed himself off and then proceeded to run all over
the island to see if they had any chance of survival. When he returned, he
rushed up to the other man creaming..... 'We are going to die!'

The other man leaned back against the fuselage of the wrecked plane,
folded his arms and responded, 'No we're not. I make over $250,000 a week.'

The first man grabbed his friend and shook him. 'Listen, we are on an
uninhabited island. There is no food, no water. We are going to die!'The other man, unruffled, again shook his head no and responded. 'No, I make over $250,000 a week.'

Mystified, the first man, taken aback with such an answer again
repeated, 'For the last time, I'm telling you we ARE doomed. There is
no one else on this island. There is NO Food. There is NO Water. We
are, I repeat, we are e going to die a slow death.'

Still unfazed, the first man looked the other in the eyes and said,
'Do not make me say this again. I make over $250,000 per week.....
and I tithe
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Two Men on an Island !
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