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مُساهمةموضوع: WHY ARE WE TOLERATING THIS MADNESS?‏   الأربعاء 20 فبراير 2008, 10:51 pm

This is a well written article by an obviously intelligent person. It is also totally lacking in logical reasoning and is a well disguised attempt to foist the writer's opinion on others by twisting facts in a way that plausibly proves the writers viewpoint.

The writer attempts to prove that the massacres are caused by mind altering drugs by associating the fact that the killer was using the drugs with the fact that he/she later killed others. What the writer fails to prove is that the drugs caused the killer to react in an anti social manner. I suspect that the writer knows full well that the drugs did in fact control the killer and keep him or her on a stable course UNTIL the killer stopped taking the drugs and reverted to his unbalanced psychological state.

The writer of this article is quite obviously hell bent on proving that the "EVIL" pharmaceutical companies in collusion with our "EVIL" government and of course "EVIL" big business,is deliberately driving young people insane through mind altering drugs so as to gain an excuse for disarming the citizens. This is absolute rubbish and yet it is immediately seized upon by other like minded conspiracy theorists and parroted as proof that every citizen should carry machine guns with them 24 hours a day.
As far as the ridiculous claim that an armed populace is a safe populace--many millions have been murdered by armed populaces --the French revolution and the armed mobs in Cambodia are two that quickly come to mind. Today in several African countries many people go to sleep every night fearing a terrible death at the hands of armed citizens--not their governments. The citizens of Ireland are armed to the teeth--and the Protestants and the Catholics there have spent the past century murdering each other with their weapons--and the government has been helpless to protect the armed citizens. (There is at present a temporary truce between those two armed camps)
I have enough weapons in my home to start a small war--I carried one on my hip for years as a police officer.
I have had to use weapons to kill --both in the military and as a police officer. I well recognize the power that a weapon represents in the hands of well trained, intelligent people. I also recognize the deadly power that weapons have in the hands of untrained persons, conspiracy fanatics, mental retards who are convinced that "Big" business and our governments are evil, other criminals, and the mentally unstable.

Do I believe that the government should be able to disarm our citizens? Absolutely not!!! I believe that our constitution gives our citizens the absolute right to bear arms.
Do I believe that every citizen should be armed? Absolutely not!!! I have experienced enough in life to realize that the average person is completely incapable of handling a firearm responsibly and that too many people will either use their weapons to kill at the wrong time--or will be so incompetent that they will accidentally kill others or themselves if they should be armed.

I do believe that every citizen should arm himself with the one powerful weapon that no government ( and no anti government group) can ever take away--his intelligence and reasoning power--I find it laughable that most conspiracy theorists- and most members of the anti anything groups all share two common qualities--The first being the fervent belief that they should have an absolute right to arm themselves with their weapon of choice, and the second being their complete lack of ability to use logical reasoning and intelligent thought processes to separate fact from rabid raving.
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